Let’s get down to it… Mike’s last live show with Night Birds will be January 12th in Brooklyn, NY. The band has become a fairly time-consuming commitment, and with the other three of us really pushing and wanting to do even more, Mike just wasn’t able to divert enough time from his new record store and his more recent writing projects. With the best intentions of both the band and himself in mind, he has made the decision to part ways with Night Birds. After three years, we are obviously bummed to see him go, but we are all still on perfectly good terms and there is no bad blood. In fact, Mike will remain in the band, along side our new guitar player, to write our second full length LP this Winter, with hopes of recording in early Spring.

Mike was a huge part of Night Birds.  If we didn’t have the perfect replacement and it just didn’t feel right, we would call it a day. We’re very critical of ourselves, always have been, and would not do this band half-assed. We are very excited to welcome PJ Russo to the Night Birds lineup on guitar. He plays in a great band called PHIBES, and the second we started playing together, it really just clicked. He’s a brilliant guitar player, and honestly fits the band perfectly. He will begin playing with us in February and you can come see for yourself.

We’re really looking forward to this coming year. Touring and playing shows was always something Joe, Ryan and myself wanted to do more of, and with this new lineup change we are excited that we can finally make it happen.  Though the current situation is a bit of a sad one, it’s also a breath of fresh air for all of us. Thanks for reading, thanks for digging our band, and thanks for picking up “the Other Side Of Darkness”. Come wish Mike a farewell January 12th and watch him toss himself around the room with Night Birds for the last time.

1/12: Brooklyn, NY @ Lulu’s w/ Night Birds, Livids (ex New Bomb Turks), Foster Care, Pampers, Nuclear Santa Claust ( http://www.facebook.com/events/197737340321088/ )

2/17: Amnittyville, NY @ Ollie’s Place w/ World Inferno Friendship Society, Mischief Brew, Night Birds ( http://www.facebook.com/events/340023296026478/ )

2/18: Brooklyn, NY @ Williamsburg Hall of Music w/ World Inferno Friendship Society, Mischief Brew, Night Birds ( http://www.facebook.com/events/340362039307865/ )

2/29: NY, NY @ Chris Gethard Show www.thechrisgethardshow.com

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